Sell Out Book Tour Continues!


I’ve been on the road traveling to speak about my book “The Healing Platform; Build Your Own Cure” since early September and have been overwhelmed by the sell out events!

My story of being a 15 year end stage cancer thriver is one part of the book, but I also share how I researched, explored, and defined my own healing platform. I’m asked daily by many patients and their loved ones who are inspired by my story to ‘tell them what to do’. The book is my way of reaching out to share hope, resources, and to help others build their own cure – as an empowered patient working with health professionals.

It’s has been an amazing month to see the book being received and praised by patients and doctors! I’m honored and energized to keep working towards patients and the health profession working together to provide options in targeted therapies. This truly is a journey of a lifetime! I wish that your journey brings you quality, love, and joy!

I’ll be in Dallas the week  October 11th and will returning to Florida later this month and  doing radio interviews too!

Here’s how to get the book,  The Healing Platform on Amazon

Please share your thoughts! You can email and comment on Amazon. Together we can change the conversation of healing!

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