Please Help Me Raise Funds to Heal My Breast Cancer Naturally

Due to an unexpected diagnosis with Stage IV Breast Cancer April 2016, I am faced with many decisions related to treatment and how I can best impact the quality of my life. I was aware of conventional Me & Max June 2016treatment options, but decided to do more research into long term outcomes and side effects. The research, combined with my sensitivity to pharmaceuticals as well as the information I have gleaned over many years as a nutritionist and research pharmacologist has led directly to the conclusion that conventional therapies on the whole, offer a poor outcome. Holistic methods however hold the possibility of a long comfortable life span with dignity and grace.

I need your help! I am an independent nutritionist and medical pharmacologist. Which means that I am self-employed and dependent on my consulting business. Due to my health condition, I have had to focus on doctor appointments instead of client appointments. It all means a dramatically-reduced income.

If you donate to my cause here, your donation will be tax-deductible and will go to directly to my treating physician for my treatments*.

I believe in service to my fellow man, so your generosity will be returned by my sharing and teaching what I learn in this process of healing. You are welcome to come with me on my journey!

All donations are greatly appreciated and will come back to the community through the diligence I will conduct and share on the various treatments.

And if you would please share with all of your friends and encourage them to share as well. I want to reach as many people as I can with this very timely information. Men get breast cancer now too, in fact one in two men and one in three women will get some form of cancer, which includes younger and younger children. Much of this is preventable with information.

I invite you all to participate, pray for me and learn from my journey. I have many years of service to the wellness community through my work in holistic pharmacies, one-on-one consulting, FaceBook groups, multiple Yahoo groups health lists and health radio interviews. I will use many of these to share what I learn. Particularly how to find the answers you need without the long drawn out, often chaotic process I have been through to get reliable information. It is important to healing that we make informed choices based on rational information.

I will be actively sharing details and rationales of each with as much science as I can ferret out of the rabbit holes or rabbit out of the ferret holes! Details of my journey will be posted on my Facebook page

My interviews on Patrick Timpone’s Health Radio Show ┬ádetailing my journey with Breast Cancer started with a two hour interview and will be updated regularly. All of my interviews are up in podcast, including the past four years of wellness topics.

Janet Perry, Pharmacologist – How Janet Is Handling a Stage 4 Breast Cancer Diagnosis with Holistic Methods of Healing – June 28, 2016

Love to All with Much Heartfelt Gratitude and Respect,

Janet Perry, MA, ACN

* 90% of the donation will go to the cause and 10% of the donation will be allocated to administrative costs.