Our Process

The IOIP has not only expanded its focus to accurately reflect the evolution of its physician members to a patient-centered approach, we have opened membership to all practitioners involved in integrative cancer care. We are here to connect patients and physicians and continue forwarding the mission of patient centered, integrative oncology.

How do we help to protect the patients and membership by ensuring that members have been vetted and credentialed?

  • Any integrative cancer physician listed on this site has been vetted for educational and medical credentials, as well as verification of current license to practice.
  • Any IPT/IPTLD physician listed on this site is certified by the IOIP as being properly trained in the therapy. The physician has also indicated that he is providing the IPT/IPTLD therapy in the manner in which he/she was trained by one of our certified instructors.

If you know of an IPT/IPTLD physician but do not see him/her on this site, then he/she is not certified.

We are validating their education and licensure, the physician has the comfort of knowing that not only have they gone through this process, it is available for verification to inquiring parties.

The physician member gets an online directory listing that reaches worldwide and has an international reputation. In addition, the member gets access to an online physicians discussion board, where a member can post a question and get it answered by someone across the world in their own time zone, so the member wakes up to a reply.

The physician member also gets access to an online medical library of published papers, articles, and studies. In addition, there is access to validated legal forms.

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