Dr Les Breitman Memorial Wall

Dear friends, physicians, and associates,


It is with great sadness that I share that Les Breitman, MD passed on Tuesday, October 25, 2016.

Les was one of the three physicians that founded Best Answer for Cancer with me in August, 2006. The other two were Drs. Donato Perez Garcia III and Stephen Ayre. Les was on the Board of Directors for many years and was a stalwart supporter and friend of the Foundation. There was nothing too small or too large that he would not undertake for the organization. He was also a great patient advocate, providing leading-edge integrative care openly and whole-heartedly. With his passing also passes an era.




Les Breitman, MD, Founding Member


From Juergen Winkler, MD: 

On October 25th we lost an icon in the integrative-alternative field of medicine. Les passed in peace leaving us with countless memories and stories of his adventures. His career in medicine spanned over 5 decades with countless accolades (have you ever seen his wall in the old office?) Previous board member of ACAM, IPT instructor and board member for IOIP/Best Answer for Cancer, just to name a few. His off-work activities made him standout among many: driving fast sports cars; a movie made after his ordeal in a small community outside LA; playing a mean game of poker and hustling people out of their money in backgammon, and on and on. Never a boring moment, from the wild and crazy 60’s to setting years aside to research the Bible. WOW! What a life. I think we can all chuckle knowing he is in heaven telling another joke or hustling others in a poker game, or talking politics. Good thing there is no email in heaven, otherwise we would still be getting more political humor.

He was a man of many talents and uniqueness. A friend, father, mentor, and son who led a full life without looking back.


From Beverly Kotsanis, former BOD member of Best Answer for Cancer Foundation:

I knew Les Breitman since 2007 and served with him on the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation board from 2008 until 2013.  He was a genius as a doctor, very compassionate, fair and generous with both his time and money.  We will really miss him.


From Sean Devlin, DO, HMD:

Les and I got along very well. He loved to play poker and was very good at it. He was very generous to me; if we attended the same conferences, he would always insist on buying me a meal or two. Years ago, he wanted me to join his practice. In fact, he even kept my name up on the door in the hopes that one day I would make the move. God bless him and may he find peace in the hereafter.


From Martin Dayton, MD:

Les made an outstanding difference standing up for his convictions, especially in the face of adversity regarding patient needs. Les inspired and continues to inspire others in many ways. He will be missed.


From Gus Kotsanis, MD:

I just learned the passing of one of our esteemed colloquies and friend Dr. Les Breitman. I had the privilege of known Les and his wife personally and academically. Les was one of the greatest trail blazers and pioneers in the alternative medicine movement of the modern era. His quest for the truth and the compassion for his patients and science was exemplary. He was also a great friend and teacher for all of us. His contribution to our organization has made all of us better doctors and better people. Our community has now a great void because of his absence. However, his great work will continue and will be remembered and honored for all of us that had the privilege of known Dr. Breitman. May God bless his family.

From Frank Schallenberger, MD

I was sad today to learn of the passing of Les Brietman, MD.  It’s always a sobering moment when death shows up and reminds us that our time is coming up.  But it is especially poignant when someone as full of life as Les moves on.  I did not know him all that well but I can say that just like so many of my colleagues in the alternative medicine movement once you met Les you were immediately aware that he was the real deal.  No pretentiousness and a dedicated willingness to do the right thing.  He will be missed by all who knew him.


From Dalal Akoury, MD

It is surely very sad to lose a pioneer and a major contributor to the Cancer healing Group… Les Breitman, MD contribution is his legacy, we all in this on a universal mission, we together will continue to carry the TORSH of Effective, individualized, customized Cancer care to the next level… Let us celebrate Dr. Les Breitman, MD contribution and let us continue his mission, this is what he wants us to do…. I know that together we are stronger, and in Unity we can make the impossible possible… Love and gratitude to each one of you, I am honored to be a member of BAFC,


From Robert Rowen, MD

While Les always credited me with getting him into IPT, he was his own man and ran as hard as he could. Were most doctors as open as Les, we would have a different medical world today.

The only negative thing I can say (hahaha) is he was relentless at filling up my email box with politics and humor. I don’t think I could have stood up to him in poker if he was as relentless there as with his awesome humor. If there is a way for him to send jokes and political fervor from the other side, he will be the one to outdo Houdini.


We will be creating a memorial for Les on our website, so if you want to add a sentiment or a memory, please email me. If you want to honor Dr. Breitman with flowers or a donation to his favorite charity, please hold off a few days until I speak with his widow Linda Breitman (the famous “Quacker”) this week; I will let you know her/his preferences.


Bless all of you and the work you do,

Annie Brandt