The Best Answer for Cancer Foundation strives to support the mission of causing a paradigm shift in cancer and chronic illness treatment. In an effort to directly impact the community of integrative physicians surrounding our various “Answers to Cancer,” the IOIP was formed.

Through this integral organization, integrative providers have gathered to share information, research and collaborate on IPT and other targeted cancer therapies and their effectiveness when combined with selective complementary therapies.

The IOIP is the first professional organization of IPT and Integrative cancer physicians. The IOIP has not only expanded its focus to more accurately reflect the evolution of its physician members to a patient-centered approach, we have opened membership to all practitioners and vendors involved in integrative cancer care.


“Before IOIP we integrative oncologists were lone wolves…vulnerable and learning through experience and personal research…no forum … no professional support. I, for one had to defend IPT to the NY medical board without guidance ….fortunately, it speaks for itself and after 2 hours of grilling by an endocrinologist and oncologist, the matter was dropped. Today, we have a forum and a brother-sisterhood…we are presented annually with the latest research and clinical experience from all around the world. We are legitimate and much safer now than before AND we can depend on keeping our knowledge at the forefront of this emerging, relentless movement in oncology.”

Thomas Lodi, MD, MD(H)
Integrative Oncology
Internal Medicine
Metabolic Medicine