Whole Being Healing

We believe in patient-centered care: Whole-Being Healing with targeted cancer therapies.

What is Whole-Being Healing? It is literally just that: our physician members treat the entire patient. Whole-Being Healing is comprised of 7 different components, each of which has varied therapy and treatment choices:

  • Spirituality
  • Mind/Body, Psycho/Emotional
  • Immunology
  • Nourishment and Nutrition
  • Detoxification
  • Lifestyle issues
  • Targeted cancer therapies.

There is more to cancer than the tumor. Indeed, one way to think of the tumor is as a Messenger. How could it be a messenger? Think of the word disease. If you look at it in its simplest form, it is “dis-ease”. Emotionally, the body can have a reaction to a trauma, a “dis-ease”. Physically the body can have a physical reaction to things that it finds abnormal, troubling. This could be a tumor. Now think about knocking your leg against a table and getting a bruise. The bruise is the sign of dis-ease. But we don’t cut it out, we just determine not to bump into that table again.

Did you know that there are many studies that show that surgical removal of the tumor can cause metastases? There is also scientific evidence that the body reacts by not only creating more cancer cells but by creating cancer stem cells, which are very difficult to kill. Scientists at the National Cancer Institute, for example, have found evidence that some plant-based compounds (phytochemicals) can inhibit or eliminate cancer stem cells which are increasingly viewed as the driving force behind relapse and chemotherapy resistance in prostate and other cancers. Many researchers now believe that the cancer stem cells often survive initial treatment and act like “evil seeds” that regrow new, more treatment-resistant progeny cells.[1]

So, the tumor is just a part of the cancer treatment. We encourage the patient to work with the physician to find the dis-eases in all the above components and then to identify the tools they will use to address these dis-eases. Together, they will put together an individualized treatment plan that addresses all of the patient’s dis-eases that can be identified.

Our physicians are already leaders in the field of integrative functional oncology, specializing in whole-being healing that is positioned to:

  • Provide more effective and targeted cancer treatments that leave surrounding healthy tissue unharmed.
  • Utilize other cancer-killing agents and thereby decrease dependency upon chemo drugs
  • Help the body detoxify
  • Provide nutrition to a depleted body
  • Nurture and strengthen the immune system

When the patient’s self-knowledge is added to the physician’s medical and scientific knowledge, the odds of successful outcomes are increased.