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Links to Interviews: Chris Wark Dr Joseph Mercola, full interview Interview with Robert Scott Bell for the “Robert Scott Bell Show”

Elise Marquam Jahn interview link March 2018 Dr. Dan Pompa With Doug Kaufmann of “Know the Cause” Martie Whittekin, Healthy By Nature Talk at the Kotsanis Institute’s “Digging Deeper” series Interview at Oasis of Healing in 2014 interview with iHealth Interview with Carlos Caridad in “Healing Cancer in this Century” Another interview with Martie Whittekin Radio interview with Caroline Sutherland

In the NEWS:

ACS: Global Burden of Cancer in Women

“Current status, trends, and interventions…”

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CNN: Women’s cancer deaths expected to rise 60% by 2030

“The number of women dying worldwide from cancer is expected to rise to 5.5 million by 2030, roughly the equivalent population of Denmark, according…”

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Integrative Practitioners Article October 2018:

Study shows cancer targets the microbiome, thrives on glucose article:

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