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We believe there are many answers for cancer. Some are evidence-based, some are supported with anecdotal information.

If you have just been diagnosed with cancer, chances are you are afraid for your life. As the New York Times pointed out, the medical establishment is battling a disease that still faces grim odds:

“Since the war on cancer began, the National Cancer Institute, the federal government’s main cancer research entity, with 4,000 employees, has alone spent $105 billion. And other government agencies, universities, drug companies and philanthropies have chipped in uncounted billions more. Yet the death rate for cancer, adjusted for the size and age of the population, dropped only 5 percent from 1950 to 2005. In contrast, the death rate for heart disease dropped 64 percent in that time, and for flu and pneumonia, it fell 58 percent.” [1]

Whole Being Healing ApproachThe Best Answer for Cancer Foundation contends that the outcomes have not changed much because the mainstream approach to cancer has not changed much. We “fight” cancer with the familiar three-pronged attack of surgery, and heavy duty chemotherapy and radiation.

We are working to change the paradigm of treatment because we believe the odds for long-term survival can be greatly improved. The new paradigm is called integrative oncology. What is the difference? Whereas the mainstream approach tries to kill the cancer faster than the treatment kills the patient, integrative oncology looks to defeat the cancer, yet create a person who is stronger and healthier than before the cancer was diagnosed.

[1] Kolata, Gina. Forty Years’ War: Advances Elusive in the Drive to Cure Cancer. New York Times.April 23, 2009