Heal the Healer

Tuesday April 12
“Physicians Heal Thyself!” presented by Dr Dalal Akoury
Time: 9:30 am to 5pm
Cost: $499





Physicians, heal thyself workshop!

Physician Training with Dalal Akoury, M.D

Transform Your Medical Practice

  • Do you feel exhausted, sicker than normal, experiencing fatigue, aches and pain?
  • Do you feel Hyperactive, impatient, irritable?
  • Do you suffer from insomnia?
  • Are you trying to escape your uncomfortable body by being absent minded, or living in a fantasy world? Self-medicating?
  • All this causes hyperactivity malfunction in the Body leading to internal Chaos, creating: Cancer, viral infection, rashes, allergies, Addiction, ADHD and nerve disorders.
  • Do you feel overwhelmed!
  • Do you wonder where start?
  • Do you really want to create your ideal clinic?
  • Do you want to have fun at work?
  • Can you really have it all?
  • Are you a medical student who wants to live your life?
  • Are you a nurse, midwife, CEO—a healer who trusts that you and others are worthy of love, hope, health and wellness?
  • Are you a patient who’s ready to heal?

If your Answer is YES!

This Workshop is desperately what you need! Healer you need to heal!!



Dr. Akoury the founder and Medical Director of I-AM-I Institute, directs a team of coaches, nutritionists and nurses through a comprehensive approach to health. Dr. Akoury has focused strictly on stress and its effect on aging, sexuality, cancer, and addiction. Dr. Akoury has designed the addiction training series offered by the A4M, furthermore she is the founder of the Integrative Addiction Conference and the Integrative Addiction Institute, she has written numerous articles on the topic of Stress, Cancer & Addiction. Dr. Akoury is an internationally known media and Public Speaker. She focuses on obesity, fitness, nutrition, and Sexual Medicine. Dr. Akoury is not only a living proof of the benefits of Stress relief, diet, fitness but she is also a medical expert who guide audiences in understanding the fundamentals behind stress relief, nutrition and living well. Dr. Dalal Akoury’s mission is to help change lives.



You will Learn:

  • Understand Stress and Stressors
  • Understand the primitive Brain and Limbic System
  • Understand HPAAT Axis (Hypothalamic, Pituitary, Adrenal, Adrenergic, Thyroid Axis
  • Understand the senses and Receptors
  • Understand Perception and Belief

Experience Healing First Hand…