Health and Wellness Partnership

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An Informal Study on Patient Compliance, Cooperation, and Communication


Our intention with the Health and Wellness Program (HAWP) is to improve the dialog and exchange of information between patients and their physicians on the broad subject of how they want to treat – and hopefully heal – their cancer and/or chronic disease. The science behind the different aspects of the HAWP can be found in the book “The Healing Platform: Build Your Own Cure,” available at…

The ideal situation we envision is that, after reading the book, the reader will come here and fill out the HAWP form with the therapies/solutions they choose, to address the “dis-eases” they found in their lives. The interactive book helps identify these issues and then the reader chooses their targeted therapy. Once the HAWP is filled in, the reader prints out 3 copies and takes the forms in to their physician. Both the patient and the physician sign all 3 copies. One copy stays with the physician to be filed in their medical chart, and one copy goes into the patient’s personal records. The last copy gets uploaded to Best Answer for Cancer Foundation.

Our goal is 100,000 HAWP forms uploaded by patients and the public. When we have reached this number, we will publicize it as a representative of the people who want their medical care to be patient-centered, taking into account the individuality of the person and the fact that medical care should not be “one-size-fits-all”.  Our vision is to use this grass roots campaign as a movement to change the medical care we receive.

We are asking people to download three copies, get all three signed, and send one back to us for storage. When we have 100,000 forms, we will go to Capitol Hill!

Please download the following form:  

Health and Wellness Partnership Form

Health and Wellness Partnership - Completed Form

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