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Ted L. Edwards Jr., MD

Founder, Medical Director The Hills Medical Group The Hills Medical Group
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Photo of Ted L. Edwards Jr., MD

Ted L. Edwards, Jr., M.D., has been treating patients in Austin since 1964. He is an internist with extensive training in Internal Medicine, Anti-aging Modalities and Gastroenterology. He has served the medical profession and Austin community over the years as Chairman of the Texas Medical Association Section on Digestive Disease, Team Physician and Chairman of Sports Medicine for the U.S. Cycling Federation, Chief of Staff at Holy Cross Hospital and Chairman of the Texas Governor’s Commission on Physical Fitness.


His pioneering concept of “Wellness” led to the honorary title of “The Father of Wellness in Texas” during his tenure as Chairman of the Texas Governor’s Commission on Physical Fitness. In addition to serving the community, he is an acclaimed author and radio talk show host. Dr. Edwards has written two books, Power Aging and Weight Loss to Super Wellness. He has educated the public through his radio show and has been a featured speaker on the topics of Alternative Medicine, Gastroenterology and Wellness.

Dr. Edwards is an ordained Minister through the Sacred Medical Order of The Knights of Hope and the Pastoral Medical Association which falls under a Christian  International Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. He believes deeply that the power of prayer, gratitude and forgiveness is essential to healing.

A Different Approach to Health

Why should I consider alternative health medicine? Can a holistic doctor really help me? Does natural health healing actually work?

At the Hills Medical Group, we know you have many questions about holistic alternative medicine. We also know that you have real health problems or concerns about conventional medical treatments – or you wouldn’t be investigating holistic medicine in Austin.

Maybe you’ve reached the point where traditional medicine no longer offers a viable solution to your symptoms. Perhaps you are tired of the “take two and call me” one-size-fits-all approach to physical ailments. Or perhaps you just want to take charge of your health by helping your body to do work the way it’s designed to. Whatever your reasons for investigating alternative medicine in the Austin area, we invite you to make an appointment with one of the alternative doctors at our holistic healing center.

Whether you’re an Austin resident seeking a Christian medicine treatment or an allergy sufferer looking for an Austin-area allergy doctor willing to try something other than the latest medication, the Hills Medical Group offers you a new way to think about wellness — one that puts the emphasis on you, not your symptoms.

What We’re About

At the Hills Medical Group, we believe that the best person to make decisions about your physical health is you. Unlike traditional medical practices, which often relegate patients to a passive role, Hills Medical Group’s Austin-area naturopathic medicine specialists seeks to unite patients and doctors in a partnership to improve overall health by treating the person, not merely the disease. Practitioners of integrative medicine believe that true healing treats the whole person, aiming to achieve emotional and spiritual, as well as physical well-being.

Services We Offer

At the Hills Medical Group, we offer a range of services to our patients, ranging from natural hormone replacement to well woman exams. If you are an Austin resident seeking preventative medicine, we invite you to give us a call.

Wellness clinic Services at our Austin location include:

  • Insulin Potentiation Therapy
  • natural hormone replacement
  • bioidentical hormone replacement
  • thyroid imbalance treatments
  • chelation therapy
  • weight loss
  • detox
  • allergy testing
  • FAA pilot exams

If you’ve tried everything conventional medicine has to offer, maybe it’s time to seek an alternative. Whatever your physical problem, natural healing proposes a solution that is tailored to you as an individual.

Are you an Austin resident who wants to try preventive medicine for a change? Do you need a Texas medical facility to help you with detox? Do you wish you had a Christian doctor whose bedside manner reflects your values? We offer food allergy testing for Austin residents and Class 1 pilot exams for Austin aviators.

Take charge of your well-being, and make an appointment with the Hills Medical Group today: (512) 327-4886