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Work 38 Landing Ave Smithtown NY 11787 Work Phone: 631-361-6160 Work Fax: 631-265-7617 Website:


Photo of Richard Sollazzo MD, DABIM, CNSMD, DABIM, CNS

Dr. Richard Sollazzo is board certified in internal medicine, hematology, geriatric medicine, oncology and sports medicine. He has offices in Manhattan where he is the Medical Director of the Manhattan Spine and Sports Therapy Center and Smithtown, New York where he is the CEO of Aging Alternatives. There he designs specific programs for the individual in the areas of nutrition, weight management and exercise.

Dr. Sollazzo has a tv program “Shock the World with Health and Goodness”  CACCP, Long Island Cablevision channel 20. This television program discusses health and social issues. Dr. Sollazzo has also recently published a book, “Balance Your Health” which discusses combining conventional and natural medicine.

We believe that the best strategy to kill cancer is to attack it at every angle possible; while maintaining quality of life at all times.

We utilize several methods in an individualized fashion to kill cancer. We combine traditional and alternative medicine in an effective fashion. Strong emphasis is placed on chemosensitivity testing and insulin potentiation therapy.

Treatments may include:

  • Hormonal Regulation
  • Immune Enhancement;
  •           Vaccines
  •           Hyperthermia,
  •           IV Vitamin C
  •           Glutathione
  •           Lipoic acid
  •           Advanced Rife Technology
  • Individual custom anticancer diets
  • Detoxification plans
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Supplements including herbals, homeopathic, and nutraceutical
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture,
  • NAET and other therapies.
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38 Landing Ave Smithtown NY 11787