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Richard Linchitz MD

Founder, Medical Director Linchitz Medical Wellness, Best Answer for Cancer Board of Directors Linchitz Medical Wellness
Work Phone: 813-251-3089


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We offer IPT/IPTLD in the setting of a comprehensive integrative medicine practice. We use state-of-the-art chemosensitivity testing that includes testing of alternative treatments for a maximally targeted approach. This testing enables us to pick the ideal agents (both chemo and natural agents) for each individual patient. We combine this treatment with intensive nutritional counseling and aggressive supplementation regimens to maximize treatment effects and improve patients’ immune function. We also emphasize detoxification including colonics (and coffee colonics); far infrared sauna sessions; and chelation (both IV and oral). Finally; we include energy medicine techniques to reduce the stressful effects of the diagnosis on the immune system and to maximize the recovery process. All of our treatments are done in a caring and welcoming atmosphere. Our patients often feel more like they are at home than in a doctor’s office.

Dr. Linchitz offers IPT for cancer. He trained with Dr. Donato Perez Garcia in January 2005 and was certified as an instructor in 2007. At Linchitz Medical Wellness. our mission is to help our patients achieve vibrant health by emphasizing natural treatment and the prevention of illness. Our approach is centered on the belief that by living well, rather than depending on pharmaceutical solutions, we can avoid most chronic health issues. Drugs may remove a symptom or change a lab value, but they will rarely produce true health.