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Martin Dayton DO

Founder, Medical Director Dayton Medical Center
Home 18600 Collins Ave Sunny Isles FL 33160 Work Phone: 305-931-8484 Work Fax: 305-936-1849 Website:


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Established in 1973, we are an outpatient institution dedicated to the responsible integration of available medical care based upon best available evidence for better results and safety. Both cutting edge and established technologies from around the world are used to evaluate; overcome and prevent causes of disease as well as to address corresponding signs and symptoms. Emphasis is given to optimizing health span, performance, and well being, remedially and proactively. Life is too dear to be left to chance alone. Medical/health conditions addressed range from the fleeting; simple and uncomplicated to the chronic, complex, and disabling. Patient care is provided for children, teens, adults, seniors and families. Consulting and co-participation in patient care is offered for conventional and alternative physicians and other health care providers wishing team approach as a means to address medical/health needs which are not adequately addressed by conventional or alternative means alone.

Dr. Dayton offers IPT for cancer. He trained in February 2001.


Diagnostic and Therapeutic Focus: Overcoming bodily deficiencies and elimination of toxicity Facilitating internal bodily communication and transportation (circulation, hormonal balance, immune function, energy balance Addressing emotional causes and effects Using both conventional and unconventional means from around the world for better efficacy and safety Ultimate goal: Restoration; maintenance and optimization of health Increased health span and prevention of premature expression of disease (rejuvenation) Practice Scope Chronic degenerative diseases (cancer, circulation, arthritis, nervous system disorders, hormonal imbalances, auto-immune diseases, allergy, joint and spine, disorders, chronic infections, fatigue, etc.) Acute disease ( infections, injuries, chemical exposure) Performance impairment (cognitive, physical, emotional) Children to seniors, male and female.

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18600 Collins Ave Sunny Isles FL 33160