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Joseph Brenner MD

Founder, Medical Director New-Hope Cancer Center
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Photo of Joseph Brenner MD

Dr. Joseph Brenner

Dr. Joseph Brenner is a   graduate of the Medical School at Tel-Aviv University. He specialized in   Internal Medicine and later in oncology at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center, at   Tel-Hashomer. He did his fellowship training in the United States, both in   Radiation Oncology, at “Rhode Island” Medical Center in Providence   Rhode Island and in Medical Oncology (Chemotherapy) at the largest cancer   center, Memorial Sloan Kettering in New-York.

Upon his return to Israel, he was approached to establish a cancer unit at   the E. Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, which he has been directing since   then. Dr. Brenner published about 40 different papers on different issues on   oncology and he is a member of various oncology societies in Israel and   worldwide.

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Joseph Brenner has combined complementary and   alternative methods with conventional cancer treatment methods. In this   connection, Dr. Brenner has participated in many seminars, conventions and   courses of CAM in Israel and all over the world, received invitations to   lecture at many conferences and visited many medical centers all over the   world, where they use CAM as a part of the combined treatment of cancer.

About 10 years ago Dr. Brenner established the “New-Hope” Medical   Center in Tel-Aviv, in order to avail Israeli cancer patients the use of   different treatment methods in their efforts to fight this disease.

“New-Hope” Medical Center for the Treatment of Cancer

“New-Hope” is a medical center for integrative treatments of cancer. In the Center different methods of complementary-alternative medicine (CAM) are used, together with hyperthermia and additional methods given concomitant to conventional oncology treatments.

The center was established by Dr. Joseph Brenner, an Oncologist, who combines CAM methods in the treatment of cancer patients. Dr. Brenner himself had cancer and used these combined methods to treat his disease successfully.

In the “New-Hope” Medical Center, advanced medical equipment is used such as local, deep regional and whole body hyperthermia, galvanotherapy, oxygen therapy, hydrocolon and more.

The “New-Hope” Medical Center is well known all over the world and treats patients from many countries.


The treatments given at the “New-Hope” Medical Center are:
I.V vitamins
I.V anti-neoplastic remedies
Food additives
Immune enhancing treatments
Lifestyle changes
Other Treatments

The treatments at the “New-Hope” Medical Center are given with the purpose of improving the general well being of the cancer patients and to reduce the symptoms of the disease and the side effects of the conventional treatments, in an effort to ease and change the course of the illness.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the Treatment of Cancer (CAM)

Cancer is a complex group of diseases and the cause may be due to many factors. In many cases, cancer is resistant to the existing therapies available in hospitals. The integration of different treatment methods may improve the results of cancer treatments.

Various medical research studies demonstrate that about 80% of patients are informed about the limitations of the treatments offered to them by hospitals and ask for additional help by the use of complementary-alternative medicine.

The aim of treating with CAM is to improve general wellness, to increase the response of the immune system, to reduce the side effects and body damage of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, to improve the quality of life and to improve the results of cancer treatments in order to prolong life and heal patients.

It is recommended to integrate the CAM methods already at the initial phases of the disease and not to wait for disease progression.

The CAM treatments may include: Treatments with special equipment such as galvanotherapy, vitamins, mineral, amino-acids, fatty-acids, hormones, herbs, anti-neoplastic agents, colon irrigation, diet, mind-body therapy and more.