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Jagadish G. Donki MD

IOICP Medical Advisory Board INTEGRATIVE CANCER THERAPY CENTER, Complementary Medicine Therapy & Research Center
Work #1187,5th Block, 18th B Main, Dhobhi Ghat Rajainagar Bangalore 560010 India Work Phone: 0091 -80 -23111709  Work Phone: 91-9845917230 Work Fax: 91 -80- 23111709 Website:


Photo of Jagadish G. Donki MD

Dr.Jagadish G Donki is one of very few physicians in India that is qualified in both MD in Medicine and MD in Indian Medicine. He is the first IPT/IPTLD Specialist doctor from India. Dr.Jagadish G Donki is the first IPT/IPTLD to introduce IPT/IPTLD in India. He started  the first IPT/IPTLD cancer treatment center in India. He is practising as an Integrative Physician and  as an Integrative Oncologist in Bangalore,India. He is treating all kinds of Cancers,Chronic diseases,degenerative diseases,Paralysis/Stroke,autoimmune diseases,metabolic diseases like diabetes,metabolic syndrome e.t.c, His approach in treating cancers and other diseases is comprehensive,holistic,functional,integrative methods of treatments employing IPT/IPTLD along with detoxification,nutraceuticals,supplements,special dietary regimen and life style modifications.These integrative approaches to Cancers along with IPT/IPTLD is giving excellent results in Cancers with no or very minimal side effects preserving excellent quality of life for cancer patients. Treatments are personalized and tailored to individual needs. Each patient is  monitored by the doctor throughout the  IPT sitting and other therapies given along with IPT. The treatment costs are very reasonable to provide access to all the needy patients.