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Gary E. Foresman M.D.

Founder and Director Middle Path Medicine
Home 180 W. Le Point St. Unit A Arroyo Grande CA 93420 Work Phone: 805-481-3442 Work Fax: 805-481-3443 Website:


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About Dr. Foresman

When you see Dr. Foresman, his first approach stays true to his training as an Internal Medicine Specialist. After you have filled out an extensive history and completed a Wellness Evaluation with the Medical Assistant, he reviews all of your information, spends an hour with you discussing your health concerns and symptoms in detail and performs a physical exam. He will order appropriate lab and radiological evaluations to aid in determining the state of your health or disease. Your visit, more than anything, offers true understanding, as to your “wellness”. His blend of listening with an Integrative ear while utilizing the latest scientific diagnostic abilities allows Dr. Foresman to assist you in reaching clear insights, not only into what, but why you feel the way you do.

His therapeutic recommendations will always incorporate suggestions in regards to diet, exercise and stress-reduction. Whatever treatment is necessary – whether herbal, intravenous nutrition therapies, supplements or medicines – he provides an unbiased assessment backed by an encyclopedic knowledge base and decades of clinical practice.

Middle Path Medicine

Founder and Director of Middle Path Medicine, Gary E. Foresman, M.D., has over 25 years experience in the clinical practice of
Internal/Integrative Medicine. Dr. Foresman is the only Internist on the Central Coast with extensive research training during medical school as part of the Junior Honors Medical Program. He ranked among the top in the nation on his Internal Medicine Board Exams. He has the best and most comprehensive Internal Medicine training to be found, including  serving as a Clinical Professor who has trained other physicians at a University Medical Center.

In 1994, when he moved to the Central Coast to raise his family and open a private practice, he quickly became dissatisfied with the inability of established Western medical treatments to effectively treat many of his patients. Determined to help his patients, he began investigating alternative therapies and has expanded his training in many systems of healing, not just Ayurveda, Meditation, Stress Management, and Massage but also Botanical, Orthomolecular and Functional Medicine Systems. His precise, scientific mind combined with a holistic integrative perspective makes him not only the best diagnostician, but also the most skilled at therapeutically synthesizing the finest healing modalities for each individual.


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180 W. Le Point St. Unit A Arroyo Grande CA 93420