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Eugene Pretorius MD

Centre for Advanced Medicine and Anti-Ageing
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Your Alternative ONCOLOGY Approach to CANCER and Chronic Disease


IPTLD – Insulin Potentiation Low Dose Chemotherapy.

With our IPTLD (Insulin Potentiation Low Dose Chemotherapy) we are your answer to kinder, gentler chemo without the terrible side-effects associated with the disease. We believe in the motto that good medicine is not measured by the amount of organs you can remove, but by the amount that you can preserve.

Now you can undergo chemotherapy while keeping your dignity and hair.

Our mission is to: * IMPROVE IMMUNITY * Treat the patient as a whole. * Focus on the cause of disease. * Minimise long term use of pharmaceutical drugs.

IPTLD is your ALTERNATIVE ONCOLOGY approach to CANCER without the side   effects.

  • Same ONCOLOGY CHEMO medicine – much less side-effects.
  • Now a CANCER patient can continue with his/her life without having to spend hours or days in hospital due to chemo therapy side-effects.   Now you have the ability to spend your time where you see fit.
  • Experience getting better in stead of getting worse after each treatment!

ß  Cancer cell sensitivity testing is now available through our   affiliation with a German LAB

Circulating   cancer cells can now be isolated from your blood. The   circulating cancer cells are tested for sensitivy to a wide   variety of chemo agents. The chemo agents most applicable for your cancer can now be used with our IPT protocol. This is   especially handy for patients where all known chemo protocols   have been used for a specific cancer type.

One must always   remember cancer is a living changing mutating disease. You may   end up with a totally different cancer than which you started   out with in the first place, hence the chemo resistance that   develops over time with your conventional therapy.

With this new   tool available to us, we have a better chance than guessing   which chemo agents to use next.

Other   diseases that we focus on are:

  • HEART   DISEASE – preventing bypass surgery – utilizing Chelation Therapy.
  • CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASES – utilizing Bio-Oxidation   and/or Chelation Therapy.
  • PAIN treatment via Neuraltherapy.

Dr. Eugene Pretorius offers IPT for cancer. He trained with Dr. Donato Perez Garcia in September 2005.

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75 Lyttelton Rd. Club View Centurion 0157 South Africa