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Ahvie Herskowitz MD

Anatara Medicine
Work 1700 California Street, Suite 520 San Francisco CA 94109 United States Work Phone: 415 345 0099 Website:


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Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz and the Anatara team specialize in treating patients who are dealing with difficult, chronic diseases. Our integrative approach includes comprehensive evaluations, intravenous and oxidative therapies to modulate immune function and improve detoxification pathways, as well as metabolic, circulatory, neurologic, and hormonal function. Anatara practitioners specialize in treating patients with a wide variety of medical conditions including those seeking cancer support.


At Anatara Medicine we offer a comprehensive, individualized approach to cancer care support based on your needs and desires. As a recognized leader in disease prevention, detoxification, and optimizing cellular health, we continue to pioneer new approaches to cancer prevention and supportive care. We focus on supporting your whole body, with cutting edge laboratory testing, micronutrient analysis, nutritional recommendations, intravenous (IV) therapies, such as high-dose Vitamin C, Poly MVA, IPT, oxidation therapy, and acupuncture, detoxification, botanical medicine, craniosacral therapy, and Chinese Medicine.
Our primary role is to provide adjunctive supportive treatment to traditional oncological therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. However, the team at Anatara welcomes patients who cannot tolerate conventional approaches or have already tried those approaches and want additional care.
A diagnosis of cancer can turn your world upside down. It can be difficult to know what steps to take next. At your initial visit to Anatara, we will provide a system-wide comprehensive consultation, discuss personalized supportive treatment options tailored to your specific physiology, as well as strategies to track progress and prognosis.


Ahvie Herskowitz, M.D.

Dr. Herskowitz’s extensive training includes a medicine degree from The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, residencies in Pathology and Internal Medicine, and fellowship in Cardiology at The Johns Hopkins Medical Center. During his 12 years at Johns Hopkins, his clinical responsibilities were complemented by directing a multidisciplinary research team in the study of molecular and immunological mechanisms of heart ischemia, heart transplantation and heart failure.
Over the past 15 years, he helped establish and lead innovative health care non-profit research and development organizations that have domestic and worldwide social impact. He served as Director at the Ischemia Research and Education Foundation, working with over 100 leading heart surgery hospitals around the world, dedicated to reducing adverse outcomes during and after heart surgery; Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of California at San Francisco; Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of the Institute for OneWorld Health, (now part of PATH, the first non-profit pharmaceutical company in the United States. He is on the Board of Directors for iRND3, ( a non-profit research organization that conducts pre-clinical and discovery research to help discover medicines for rare and neglected diseases. He is also on the Board for PVRI, Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute, (


Throughout his career, Dr. Herskowitz has been developing novel alternative approaches towards health. Following formal training in Five Element Acupuncture in 2001, he has been dedicated to building a world-class integrative medicine team approach towards prevention and treatment of vascular, immunologic and recalcitrant chronic diseases.
As Director and Founder of Anatara, he leads a team of dedicated staff and senior advisors and physicians creating a new model of personalized and proactive medicine based on the convergence of seven vital disciplines. Dr. Herskowitz also Founded the San Francisco Stem Cell Treatment Center, ( another regenerative medicine field, using adipose derived (stromal vascular fraction) stem cells – using one’s own stem cells to help heal themselves.


Dr. Herskowitz’s focus on IPT treatment is to provide options to those suffering from cancer who would like an alternative today from standard cancer chemotherapy treatments. Treating those with breast, prostate, liver, and other forms of cancer.


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We are located at 1700 California Street, Suite 520, San Francisco, CA 94109
We are on California between Franklin and Van Ness Avenue, and we have a parking garage in our building.

We accept all major credit cards, (Amex, Visa, MC, & Discover) personal and bank drafted cheques. We also offer financing through a company called United Medical Credit.

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1700 California Street, Suite 520 San Francisco CA 94109 United States