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Dr. Karen Bravo MD

KB Holistic
Work 5500 SW 200th St Miami Fl 33187 Work Phone: 305-505-0455 Website: KB Holistic


Photo of Dr. Karen Bravo MD

Karen Bravo, MD is a board-certified radiologist with over 30 years of experience whose passion for natural health, healing and wellness inspires her to offer patients the latest in holistic and cellular regenerative care.  This allows her to address many modern-day chronic, insidious health issues, and illnesses with sensible holistic treatment options and protocols.  Patients are reviewed and treated directly by Dr. Bravo herself in a relaxing office setting, a unique medical experience in the 21st century.

True long-lasting health is an ongoing practice at KB Holistic which places the patient in charge of their destiny.  Dr. Bravo seeks to address the root causes of illness through careful lab assessments and historical review.  She then recommends the best journey toward optimal health with dietary guidance, detox protocols, behavioral and environmental modification and optimization.  She is a doctor, educator and investigator who operates on the basic premise that by genetic design the body will endeavor to heal itself and we must simply allow it to do so.

Dr. Bravo believes an individual’s health and wellness is influenced by the purity of water and food selection, the amount of stored toxin burdens and stressors such as emotional and energetic.  Navigating these challenges can be very difficult for a layperson.  Dr. Bravo makes this process easy and understandable.  She always begins with an extensive consultation/history and adds carefully selected laboratory testing and analysis to assess mineral balance, iodine status, cell membrane composition and other factors as appropriate. Additional assessment is made to assist each patient with optimizing environmental and energetic influences.

Dr. Bravo has undergone extensive training with Dr. Robert Rowen, pioneer of modern ozone therapy to perfect her technique in Hyperbaric IV ozone, an advanced form of Major Autohemotherapy.  She has also received advanced ozone training with Dr. Howard Robins another pioneer in the global ozone community.  Properly applied, ozone is useful for decreasing inflammation, improving oxygen utilization, circulation and energy production, modulating the immune system, upregulating antioxidant systems while killing all microbial pathogens.  Dr, Bravo also provides ear, vaginal and rectal ozone insufflation and prolozone injections for joints, spine and scar/wound/tissue healing. She is a founding member of Ozone Without Borders, a medical organization dedicated to best ozone practices and is a clinical educator to other physicians who use ozone in their practice. Patients often travel great distances to seek her valuable expertise in providing therapeutic ozone techniques.

Dr. Bravo is excited about polychromatic ultraviolet light IV and surface therapy, a powerful bio-oxidative therapy that works synergistically to amplify the effects of ozone, particularly for chronic infections, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions and others.

Through mentorship with Dr. Rowen Dr. Bravo has been inspired to learn more in the field of integrative and functional medicine.  Dr. Bravo currently is in the process of obtaining official certification in the treatment of biotoxin illness including that from exposure to water-damaged buildings, so prevalent in Florida to Post Lyme Syndrome and others with the Shoemaker protocol.  She now offers advanced testing and treatment protocols with the RGCC test and continues to expand IV nutritional therapies.

Dr. Bravo is committed to the intimate and sexual health of women of all ages.  She has undergone cutting-edge training and certification with Dr. Runels and others in the field of regenerative medicine to provide effective, safe, in-office nonsurgical solutions including the O-Shot® (Platelet Rich Plasma, releasing healing growth factors from your own blood).  She also is certified to provide ThermiVa® (non-burning, gentle-warming radiofrequency) to address, urinary control, vaginal/labial toning/tightening, sensation and moisture so important to a woman’s well-being, even without hormone therapy.  These options are particularly important for women who have had breast cancer and cannot use hormone therapy.

Dr. Bravo performs the revolutionary Priapus Shot® for men, an effective platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease.  She also provides extra-corporeal shock wave therapy, the perfect complement to PRP, as both cause generation of new healthy tissue for men’s sexual health and wellness.

Dr. Bravo believes that healthy is beautiful through optimal nutrition complemented with long-lasting, non-surgical cellular regenerative techniques including the Vampire Face Lift®/Vampire Facial® using a patient’s own blood-derived growth factors to renew and bring back glow to the skin and deeper tissues of the face, neck and decollate. Additional aesthetic therapies, all designed to enhance the body’s own healing/regenerative mechanisms are available.

Dr. Bravo and her staff will continue to offer her patients the latest in holistic and regenerative medicine while maintaining a compassionate, personalized and professional approach in a relaxed setting.   We welcome the opportunity to assist our patients in their journey to true wellness and vitality.



Ozone Without Borders – Founding Member, 2013
Cellular Medicine Association, 2014
Specialty Med Training Network, 2018

American College of Radiology, 1992
Society of Brest Imaging, 1995
American Roentgen Ray Society, 1995
Radiologic Society of North America, 1992


Hahnemann University School of Medicine (now Drexel University – College of Medicine), 1987
Medical College of Pennsylvania, Diagnostic Radiology, 1992
The University of Illinois, Susan G Komen Breast Center, Fellowship Breast Imaging, 1996
Functional Medicine University (Current)


Letter of Commendation in Internal Medicine at Hanneman University, 1986
Cum Laude from the American University, 1992.


“Diagnostic Accuracy of Mammography in Men: Radiological-Pathological Correlation in 71 Cases”
A.H Appelbaum, M.B., B.Ch.; K.R.Levy, M.D.; S.A. Boshart, R.T.(R )(M); T.D. Schumpert, M.D.;G.F.F. Evans, M.B., Ch.B.

Presentations at: – ARRS, 1998 – – ACR NCBC, 1998 RSNA, 1997, Earning “Certificate of Merit” award, RSNA and recommended for publication in Radiographics.



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5500 SW 200th St Miami Fl 33187