2011 Conference Wrap Up

The Ninth Annual International IPT/IPTLD Conference was held May 13-15 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. It was sold out.

To all who attended – thank you! We are thrilled by our ability to amplify the discussion this year. We quadrupled our attendance from last year, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. We are also pleased to announce we had 17 new trainees from around the world, including two oncologists.


* Dan Clark, MD: Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Cancer
* Lee Cowden, MD: BioEnergetic Evaluation of Cancer Patients to Guide Therapy
* Peter DeWet, MD: The Emotional Component of Cancer
* Garry Gordon, OD, MDH: A New Way To Treat Cancer
* Martha Grout, MD, MD(H): The Use of Medicinal Mushrooms to Modulate the Immune System in the Treatment of Cancer
* Tim Guilford, MD, ReadiSorb: Reversing the Warburg Effect
* Tomas Hode, PhD: Laser Immunotherapy for the treatment of late stage metastatic cancers
* Frank King, MD, Founder, King Bio: Homeopathy and its Role in Cancer and Chronic Disease
* Constantine Kotsanis, MD, Kotsanis Institute: Opportunistic Parasitic Infections of Cancer and Kelly Enzyme Protocol for Cancer
* Richard Linchitz, MD: Introduction to IPT/IPTLD with IPT Case Study
* William Maxfield, MD: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Cancer
* Billy Njuguna, MD, Nature Afrikana Health Clinic: Ten Case Studies of IPTLD Healing Cancer in Kenya
* Luis Paz, MD, Chiquinquirra Hospital, Venezuela: IPT and Neuropharmacology – 3 Case Studies
* Doris Rapp, PhD author of “Is This Your Child’s World?”: Environmental Factors in Cancer and Chronic Disease
* Mark Rosenberg, MD: Cancer pH Manipulation Therapy
* Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD, The Nevada Clinic: Combining Ozone and UVI with IPTLD, 3 Case Studies and DCA as an adjuvant treatment
* Brenda Stockdale, Director of Mind/Body Medicine, RC Cancer Inst: The Biology of Belief; the Role of Stress in Cancer
* Brad Weeks, MD: Taming the Cancer Stem Cell – How to Strike the Root
* Juergen Winkler, MD: IPT Case Studies

We taped the entire conference this year, and copies are available:
CD set: $150 + S&H ($5 U.S., $10 International)
DVD set: $250 + S&H ($5 U.S., $10 International)
Thank you Jon and Tom Lowe for all your hard work! To purchase, contact admin@bestanswerforcancer.org, or call +01 512-342-8181.

Key Developments

The Foundation and Medical Advisory Board have agreed to significantly broaden our focus. We see that the marketplace is shifting and is ready to embrace a wider standard of cancer care that we call integrative oncology. As one member said, “Integrative oncology is not merely the traditional full dose chemo/radiation/surgery plus a sprinkling of vitamins.” Hence the 2011 conference was entitled, “Integrative Oncology: a Whole-Being Healing Platform + Targeted Cancer Therapies = Answers for Cancer Right Now.”

Integrative oncology incorporates IPTLD and a number of complementary therapies, many of which were the focus of this year’s speakers at the conference. Almost all of the doctors who practice IPTLD have long been engaged in the use of complementary therapies for cancer care. The Foundation will now retool its communication vehicles to include the broader landscape of truly integrated cancer care.

We had several patients, survivors, and interested members of the general public in attendance this year. The doctors were so interested in what they had to say that they suggested a Patient Panel Discussion for next year.

We are looking at new collaborations – everything from memberships in other groups who approach medicine from a complementary and alternative focus, to participation in studies to clarify the value of integrative therapies.

Special Thanks

A big round of thanks goes out to Dr. Gus Kotsanis and Dr. Sean Devlin who cleared off their calendars and made time to deliver the first 12 hours of training that comprise the Introductory IPT Class. Sean is already lining up the speaking schedule for next year’s Introductory Class and assigning lecture topics.

We also owe a big round of thanks to our 26 exhibitors and many sponsors. They demonstrated an array of “tools” for the integrative approach to oncology and gave us all an opportunity to become more familiar with them. Many of them have offered post-conference special pricing, and I will be highlighting each of them in a separate letter for your continued networking.

Once again, Martin Dayton, MD, DO and the staff of Dayton Medical Center graciously hosted a group visit to his private practice.

The 2011 conference will be the subject of a magazine article in Townsend LetterThe Examiner of Alternative Medicine. The article will appear in their annual cancer edition; the August/September issue. This is first time Townsend will have carried a discussion of IPTLD used in conjunction with complementary therapies. Mary Budinger, an Emmy award-winning journalist who specializes in marketing services for CAM, covered the conference for us. Also, Dr. Robert Rowen, a member of our Medical Advisory Board, was in attendance and is planning to write an article for his Second Opinion newsletter. Thank you, Mary and Dr. Rowen!

We are still sifting through the many suggestions offered during and after the conference. Thank you for your well thought out ideas. We will be following up as things evolve.

You were a fantastic audience, and the presentations were excellent. I look forward to working with you to bring the awareness of integrated cancer care to ever higher levels.

Together we can help break the silence and spread the word to make sure everyone who wants to be rid of cancer has the help and support they need to thrive.

Best Answer for Cancer Foundation Planning Team


Conference was held at the oceanfront Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa.

Special thanks to our presenters:

  • Richard Linchitz, MD, spells out an integrative oncology protocol
  • Tomas Hode, PhD, explains the workings of an autologous vaccine
  • Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD, was both a participant and a speaker
  • Dan Clark, MD, focusing in on mitochondrial dysfunction in cancer
  • Brenda Stockdale documented the role of emotions in chronic diseases