2010 Conference Wrap Up

The Eighth Annual IPT/IPTLD™ Conference unfolded for the first time in the spring. Our conference was held May 14 -16 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA. We proudly welcomed over 45 physicians, advocates, and staff from around the world. Speakers both passionate and knowledgeable educated and inspired attendees. New relationships were formed and old acquaintances were renewed. This year marks the first ever Introductory IPT/IPTLD™ Training Course, offered to physicians, nurses, and individuals interested in learning the mechanics and practical application of IPT/IPTLD!


Burton Goldberg, ‘The Voice of Alternative Medicine’
Constantine Kotsanis, MD; Kotsanis Institute, Grapevine, TX
Richard Linchitz, MD; Linchitz Medical Wellness, Glen Cove, NY
Max Price, PA; Max R. Price Law Offices and Joel Berger
Dr. Wu Dhi Schwartz, Medical Qi Gong instructor
Walter H. Wainright, President; Haelan Research Foundation
Brad Weeks, MD; The Weeks Clinic for Corrective Medicine
Ronald Wheeler, MD; Diagnostic Center for Disease, Sarasota, FL
Juergen Winkler, MD; Alternative Cancer Treatment Center of Southern California, Oceanside, CA

Accomplishments and Key Developments

1. Ten medical professionals new to IPT/IPTLD attended the first Introductory IPT/IPTLD™ Training Session. Our Instructors collaborated to create and present a comprehensive 12 Hour Introductory Course, accredited this year for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ acquainting participants with fundamentals on the practical application of IPTLD. Attendees found the experience informative and inspiring, leaving them eager to be further involved in the practice of the therapy. Martha Grout, MD, MD(H) has gone on to complete her training and is now offering IPTLD at her innovative facility in Scottsdale, AZ. Gurdev Parmar, ND, FABNO is actively advocating IPTLD in Canada within his community of colleagues. He has arranged for several IPTLD Instructors to present information at an Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OncANP) February 16, 2011.

2. The IOIP or International Organization of IPTLD Physicians welcomes several new members. James Forsythe, MD our first oncologist member joined, as did Martha Grout, MD, MD(H) from Scottsdale, AZ and Gurdev Parmar, ND, FABNO of Integrated Health Clinic in Vancouver, BC.

3. The Second IPTLD Think Tank followed the conference, attended by IPTLD providers dedicated to the responsible and beneficial development of the therapy. Great ideas were the result of this gathering of inspired physicians. Details for implementing a comprehensive training and certification course for practicing IPTLD were discussed, and proposal was made to offer additional instruction tracks for the general public and nursing staff, with provisions to complete criteria for a merit badge.

New Alliances and Relationships

1. Guest speaker and “The Voice of Alternative Medicine” Burton Goldberg has graciously accepted to serve as a Gold Ambassador of Best Answer for Cancer Foundation. He has wholeheartedly aligned with our cause and is committed to “putting us on the map”.

2. Ann Fonfa of the Annie Appleseed Project is our new friend and potential future Gold Ambassador. Ann has long provided informative and educational material and events to people seeking alternative cancer treatment options. Key supporter and multi-talented Maria Gil attended our event and has offered to help coordinate our Public Session this Fall in Dallas, TX.

3. Sam Taliaferro, a businessman/developer from Panama, attended with his wife, Thalia. Sam has plans to build an all-inclusive healing center for cancer in the Valle Escondido near the Panama/Costa Rica border. He is excited about IPTLD and has plans to offer it in his clinic.

Special Thanks

Our thanks and gratitude to Martin Dayton, MD, DO and the staff of Dayton Medical Center who graciously hosted this year’s event as well as a group visit to Dr. Dayton’s private practice. All attendees were most suitably impressed with his establishment and his openness in sharing what he has to offer his patients.

Dr. Wu Dhi Schwartz, Medical Qi Gong instructor led an early morning session of Qi Gong on the sunny, sandy beach of the Atlantic Ocean. Qi Gong is a 5000 year old practice composed of various movements, developed in China for healing and health preservation.

We would also like to extend our thanks to our sponsors and exhibitors who attended this year to share with our participants the valuable services and products they have to offer.

Together we can help break the silence and spread the word to make sure everyone who wants to be rid of cancer has the help and support they need to thrive.

Best Answer for Cancer Foundation Planning Team