Medical Cannabis

Wednesday April 13
“Medical Cannabis” presented by United Patients Group with three Speakers:
Pediatric RN, Oncology RN, and Oncology MD
Time: 9:00 am to 4pm
Cost: $349


Topics to be discussed include:


1 – Endocannabinoid System Physiology, “Clinical Practice of Cannabinoid Medicine” Dosing, delivery, the various cannabinoids, Pain, Mental Health, Seizures, Hepatitis, Cancers, and Dementia.

2 – “Medical Cannabis Basic Training”- introduction into the different cannabinoids and terpenes and their medicinal properties.

3 –  Dosing and administration- explore potential drug to drug interactions, risks and benefits of Cannabinoid therapeutics.

4 – Cannabinoids and cancer- discover practical utilization of cannabinoids in various cancers from symptom control to tumor reduction. Case studies in pediatric and adult cancers will be presented

5 –  Medical cannabis in California- discuss the current laws and how the new regulations will affect patients and practitioners.