Announcing our 2016 Speakers

James Forsythe MD, MDH Results  of 5-Year Survival Outcomes Study for Stage IV Cancer Patients

Teresa Dale, PhD Comparative Study of Hormone Replacement 

Paul Anderson, NMD IV Therapies and Protocols in Integrative Oncology and Quality of Life

Jerry Tennant MD, MDH, PscD Healing is Voltage: Cancers On/Off Switches: Polarity 

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Hertzog Hyperthermia in Cancer Treatment: Scientific Evidence and Clinical Experience

Nooshin Darvish ND, FICT An Integrative Treatment Approach to Glioblastoma

Isaac Eliaz MD, MS, LAc Optimizing Integrative Oncology: A Comprehensive Model for Individualized Treatment

Mitch Ghen, DO, PhD Using Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol with several products to create potent cancer protocols

Stephen J. Iacoboni MD Ultraviolet Light Total Blood Volume Photo – Stimulation in Stage III – IV Cancer Patients 

John Hall PhD DNA Targeted Therapy for Ovarian and Pancreatic Cancers

Barry Goldstein Musical Prescriptions for Integrative Oncology

Tony Jimenez MD Efficacy and Quality of Life in Advance Cancers with Novel Oncolytic Therapies

Ben S. Johnson DO, MD  Thermography and Ultrasound to Follow Patient Progress for Cancer Re-Evaluation

Richard Pooley MD Cancer Treatment with Natural Thyroid Hormone and Physiological Doses of Hydrocortisone 

Juergin Winkler MD Review of Organic Acids and Nutritional Tests

Jane Goldberg MD When Cancer is the Best Answer

Donese Worden NMD Beyond Stem Cell Treatment – The Power of Individualized Peptide Therapies

Doug Kaufmann Fungi and their Mycotoxins: An Underappreciated Role in Cancers

Sean Devlin HMD, DO Evidence-Based and Leading-Edge Targeted Therapies

Ioannis Papasotiriou MD Relationship Between CTCS and CSCS and their Clinical Influence: Their Contribution to Translational Medicine

Michael Gerber MD, HMD Integrative Oncology Patient Support with Neuro Therapy.

Gurdev Parmar ND Retrospective Assessment of Loco-Regional Hypothermia and Fever-Range Whole-Body Hypothermia in an Integrative Naturopathic Oncology Setting

Oscar Streeter MD, FACRO Genomics, Immunology, & Big Data in Precision Oncology

David Minkoff MD Essential Amino Acid Deficiencies in Cancer Patients

Elizabeth Plourde CLS, NCMP, PhD Electromagnetic Radiation: A Setup for Cancer; Guidelines for Prevention

Stephen R. Evans DDS Patient-Centered Dental Considerations for Integrative Collaborative Care

Constantine Kotsanis MD Diagnosis, Detection, and Treatment for Cancer and Anti-aging

Kyle Hilsabeck, PharmD. Augmenting Cellular Antioxidant and Detoxification Capacity with Nutraceuticals in Cancer Patients

Leigh Erin Connealy, MD Retrospective Analysis and Assessment of Patients Using SOT Therapies, Cconcurrent Therapies and Their Progress

Jeffrey Dach, MD Anti-cancer Synergy of Artemisinin with Botanicals and Re-purposed Drugs